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Mannequins-Quincy Market e-Learning Brochure Spilled Milk – Cookie Crumbles

Spilled Milk – Cookie Crumbles

Mannequins – Quincy Market

e-Learning Brochure

Providing the highest quality studio and location photographic images, I have over 40 years with experience in product, in-plant industrial, corporate, studio and location portraiture, and event photography. I also have large stock photography library available for use in brochures, ads, editorial articles, etc.

My experience in graphic design includes the creation of brochures, advertising, corporate identity work (including, logo, stationary and business card design) and book design.

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My Books Available at and Apple iTunes Store

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Book Icon - Martha's Vineyard-In Photos

Martha’s Vineyard – In Photos. Photos taken during trip to Martha’s Vineyard in May 2014. A small sample of the varied scenery and activities which the island offers. Click on the book icon above or here to preview this book as well as purchase copies.

Book Icon - Digital HOLGA two**

Subway (1972 – 1973). This book contains a collection of photos taken between 1972 and 1973 of the New York City Subway System, first for a school film project then later for an exhibition of these photos at the Discovery Gallery in
New York. Click on the book icon above or here to preview this book as well as purchase copies.

Book Icon - Digital HOLGA two**

Digital HOLGA two**. This is the second book where all of the photos are taken with a cellphone camera, but in the time since the previous book, the cellphone is now an Apple iPhone 4s. The image quality is much improved, but there is still the quirkiness and unpredictably which makes using a mobile device as a camera not only a challenge, but a lot of fun as well. Click on the book icon above or here to preview this book as well as purchase copies.

Book Icon - Shadow Play Icon

SHADOW Play. My newest all black & white portfolio with the subject being various depictions of shadows. This is not a shadow play in the strictest sense, but can be seen as a series of vignettes with a common theme. With a couple of exceptions, all of the work shown here are being seen for the first time. Click on the book icon above or here to preview this book as well as purchase both print and e-book/i-book copies.

You can also preview and purchase print editions of my other books available for sale on To see a preview of each of the books, click here to go to the page containing all of my currently published books.

Many of these books are also available as ebook editions can be purchased either through or on-line as ibooks at the Apple iTunes store (unless otherwise indicated). These books can be viewed on the iPad®, iPhone® or iPod® Touch, or on your computer via iTunes. Download and compatibly information can be found on either site. Click on the icons below to view my bookstore on either site.

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Cherry Blossom – A Photographic Poem” Now Available for Purchase on

Cherry Blossoms - A Photographic Poem Book Cover

The original version of my book "Cherry Blossoms – A Photographic Poem" can now be purchased on Click here for more information.

The book is still available for purchase both in print and as an e-book on and the iTunes Store. Click here for more information.

Joseph Duze 100th Anniversary Book

Photo by Joseph Duze

April 1, 2014 marked the 100th anniversary of the birth of my father, Joseph H. Duze. It was in part because of his love of photography that I also developed an interest which has become my career. In honor of this milestone, click here or on the above photo to view a Web gallery of selected images which he took between 1972 and 1994.

I have also created a book of his work on with the profits being donated to the Alzheimer's Association. Click on the book preview above for information on how to purchase the book.


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